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Quality and Integrity

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Great gellcoat

Be proud of your boat or RV when you bring it to Rod's Fiberglass for a fresh gellcoat finish. Enjoy custom color matching for a finished look.

Professional quality

Enjoy unparallelled service and attention when you bring your boat, RV, or other fiberglass repair to Rod's Fiberglass.

Don't settle for close enough. Get custom color matching when you come to Rod's Fiberglass and enjoy a finished product worthy of the name. Enjoy an impeccable final product and no one will be able to tell that it's not all original fiberglass and gellcoat.


Go beyond the shop model with a custom paint job from Rod's Fiberglass. Put your personality on display.

Custom color matching

Gellcoat you can be proud of

When it's in good shape gellcoat gives a high quality finish to your fiberglass vehicle. When it's beat up it just looks trashy.


We fix everything from small scratches to dock rash, and we provide custom color matching for the most professional finish.

• Gellcoat repair

• Fiberglass repair and patching

• Panel replacement

• Custom painting

Complete fiberglass